About Us

We are a family owned business by Nana and Papa. We welcome you to experience our down home back yard BBQ and southern hospitality. Lets Eat BBQ is a unique West Coast BBQ style that has all the trimmings and is infused with our dirty south and midwest roots and traditions.

Lets Eat BBQ started out as a volunteer service offered for to raise funds for schools and community events for organizations and community residents in Bayview and evolved into a full service BBQ restaurant in 2011. Establishing Lets Eat BBQ was a move of faith. We wanted to grow our business in the community that we call home and that’s right in the heart of Bayview Hunters Point.

What sets Lets Eat BBQ apart is that we slow smoke our meats with almond wood in one of the last real brick BBQ pits in San Francisco and sprinkle it with love and a twist of a pleasant sweet and mild flavor. Doing it the old fashion way with a special home make BBQ sauce.